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Aliform Publishing and Distribution specializes in Latin American, Lusophone, and world literature in translation. Browse our catalogue for the best in modern and contemporary fiction, as well as narrative, poetry and essays from throughout the Americas.

Aliform Publishing titles are available at these great independent bookstores:
  • Cambridge, Mass: Schoenhof's Foreign Books
  • Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Student Bookstore
  • Iowa City: Prairie Lights Bookstore
  • Los Angeles and Beverly Hills: Dutton's Bookstore
  • Madison: University of Wisconsin Student Bookstore
  • Mexico City: American Bookstore and The New Option Bookstore
  • Miami: Books & Books
  • Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Student Bookstore
  • New York: Gotham Book Mart and St. Mark's Bookstore
  • Oaxaca: Amate Books
  • Paris: Shakespeare and Co.
  • Seattle: University of Washington Student Bookstore
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